Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Book Reviews from Ron, Kayla, Patricia, Alan, Aaron and Rebeca

Today we received book reviews from Ron, Kayla, Patricia, Alan and Aaron! Thank you to everyone at Celia Clinton for sending them in. Keep them coming! On Sparkles' blog, each of the child received an individual answer if they had a question or a note from Sparkles.

"Thank you for coming to our school to teach us fire saftey skills. I wish that you can come back to our school again to teach us fire safety skills. The book [Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog] that you gave me , I learned to crawl on my knees when there is a fire in the house and you always have a meeting place by the mailbox or by a the fence."

Ron, age 9

Celia Clinton Elementary


"Thank you four coming to our school. wish that my dog can do what you can do. That is just amazing my dogs are to wild to do that. I learned from the book [Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog] is that having a fire alarm is important. Dayna I think that sparkles is glad to have you as a mom and I like your book very much so thank you. "

Kayla, age 9

Celia Clinton Elementary


"Sparkles the part I like of your book [Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog] is were you teach the people about fire safety. The thing I learned is that you stop drop and roll. I appreciate you teaching us how to be firesafe. Keep teaching people fire safety Sparkles."

Patricia, age 9

Celia Clinton Elementary


"I learned that whenever theres a fire you should touch the door with your hand backwards. Whenever you see smoke , always crawl on the ground. When youre on fire stop,drop and roll. I also learned to find a meeting place. For me the best place for a meeting place is a tree.'

Alan, age 10

Celia Clinton Elementary


"Sparkles I like becaues sparkles help kids have fire safety. Sparkles the safety dog is a great book my mom and dad love it. I love that sparkles can do things and fire safety. I did know that people can do more in fire safedy."

Aaron, Age 10

Celia Clinton Elementary


"I liked the picture when Sparkles was crawling low to demonstrate to us how to crawl low. And I learned that not to touch a doorknob when your house is on fire because you can burn your hand. Also I liked the picture when Sparkles was in the bed LOL!!! I wanted to ask a question do fire safety dogs go to fires or is it to dangerous for them to go? Well thank you for reading my note hope I here from you guys!!!"

Rebeca, age 9

Celia Clinton Elementary

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