Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thank You to First Alert, Janet Wilmoth and Fire Chief Magazine

Thank you to First Alert for providing the participants of the 13th Annual Fire Chief of the Year dinner with a copy of Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog audio book. The folks in attendance were each given a copy of the audio book at the dinner in Denver, Colorado, compliments of First Alert.

First Alert is very pro-active in promoting fire safety and Sparkles and I would like say thank you for letting us work together to keep people fire safe.

Another big thank you goes to Janet Wilmoth, Editorial Director of Fire Chief Magazine, for including the audio book as a special give-away to the participants of the dinner. Janet shared some very kind words about the book and audio book and we are very grateful for all that she does, as well as the folks at Fire Chief Magazine for helping promote fire safety.

Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog book and audio book make a great give-away item. By putting your logo on the book or audio book, you will bring recognition to your company or organization as a champion of fire safety. For more information, contact Dayna Hilton at

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sparkles' Mailbag

Sparkles received this wonderful picture from a class that she visited in Massachusetts. Notice the fingerprints as the spots!