Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog in Parents Magazine

Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog, featured in this month’s issue of
Parents Magazine in the full page article, “Kindergartner Saves Dad from Burning Home.” The article follows on the heal of a three page spread featuring Sparkles in the July issue of Cesar’s Way Magazine.

The magazine, with a circulation of 15.3 million, shares the story of 5 year old Angelica Riggins, who was able to save herself and her dad, Kenneth, from their burning home. Angelica had attended a fire safety presentation at her school by Sparkles and her owner, Firefighter Dayna Hilton just two months prior. Angelica attributed her action of knowing “exactly what to do” to save herself and her father by crawling low under the smoke to get out of the house.

Sparkles has received national recognition throughout her years as a fire safety dog and has been featured in Cesar’s Way, Dog Fancy, Dog World, DogSport, and FIDO Friendly magazines, USA, People,'s “Paw Nation”, FOX and Friends, PBS KIDS Sprout and on an Animal Planet e-newsletter.

To learn more about Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog, visit

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog and Author Dayna Hilton Celebrating Release!

Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog and Author Dayna Hilton are celebrating the release of the 2nd edition of Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog! After a successful print of 15,000 of the first edition, the new edition is now available by ordering at your local bookstore and on

A portion of the proceeds benefit the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog in Norwegian Magazine!

Thank you to Miriam, one of Sparkle's friends from Norway, who included Sparkles in her Dalmatian Club Magazine! Miriams club has almost 600 members!

Miriam, thank you to you and to everyone in your club for sharing Sparkle's story! We are truly honored!

Click on the picture of the magazine cover to see the article!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Daryn Kagan Makes Inspirational Video about Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog

Thank you to Daryn Kagan for helping share Sparkles' story and the fire safety message. We would also like to thank Daryn for including Sparkles in her second book, all about inspiring animals and featuring her 3-legged wonder cat, Tripod that will be published by Guideposts Books in April 2011. We are truly honored!

Daryn Kagan is the creator and host of, an inspirational online community that features a daily Web cast of stories that, "Show the World What is Possible." has become a daily destination for thousands of Internet users who seek news stories that inspire. Launched in November 2006, the Atlanta Journal Constitution described as "a lively gathering spot," while the Boston Globe noted is "bucking the media tide," with its "emphasis on stories that illustrate the triumph of the human spirit."

Before heading into cyberspace, Daryn anchored both news and sports for CNN. Described by the Los Angeles Times as a "CNN mainstay," Daryn traveled the world during her 12-year tenure at CNN, and reported live on-site during numerous global events, including the war in Iraq from Kuwait. Daryn also reported from Africa during a 10-day tour with rock band U2's Bono and U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, and provided the CNN News networks with in-depth reports on AIDS and famine. Her reports were featured on, along with a daily blog that chronicled her reports, experiences, and travels in Africa. Additionally, Daryn reported from across the U.S. to cover numerous Presidential elections, the Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy, and the hunt for the Washington, D.C. sniper.

Daryn was on the air live during the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. She reported throughout that day and covered the unfolding event from CNN's world headquarters in Atlanta, as well as from the network's Washington, D.C., bureau, as the crisis turned into a search-and-rescue mission that evolved into a war on terrorism. Before joining the news team on CNN, Daryn served as a news anchor and reporter for CNN/Sports Illustrated, the 24-hour sports news network from CNN and Sports Illustrated, covering such major events as the Super Bowl, the NBA playoffs and international figure skating.

To read more inspirational stories, visit Daryn's site HERE.

Thanks, Daryn!

Stay safe everyone!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog on Lola Belle, the Canine Correspondent's Blog!

Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog on Lola Belle, the Canine Correspondent's blog!

Thank you to my good friend, Lola Belle, for a wonderful interview! Read the interview HERE!

I made Lola Belle an Honorary Fire Safety Dog today! Congratulations, Lola Belle! Woof!