Monday, November 29, 2010

Today's Mail.....

Tango, Siren and I were very surprised to receive a special package in the mail today.

In the mail was a box from California, and I was happy to see that it was from a fellow dal and Facebook friend, Gabriel L. Martinez and his family.

Below is the note that was enclosed in the package:

Words don't know how to thank you for this very thoughtful gift from you and your family, Gabriel.

Thank you so much,
Dayna, Robert, Michael, Tango and Siren

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Coloring Page!

Attention kids, parents, teachers and fire departments. Have you checked out Sparkles the Fire Safety Dogs' fun fire safety activity and coloring pages? Check them out! We're adding new ones all of the time! Just click on the picture of Sparkles to see more!

Webmasters and bloggers: Please feel free to add this button to help spread the fire safety message. Together, we can help keep children and their caregivers fire safe!

New Coloring Page!

Click the button below to download more free coloring pages!

Bloggers and webmasters: Please feel free to add the button above to your blog or webpage to help spread the fire safety message. Together, we can help keep children and their caregivers fire safe!

A special thank you to Eileen Edwards for this wonderful drawing!

Siren the Fire Safety Dog has new Facebook Page!

Siren would love for you to join his Facebook page! Click on the picture of Siren to be his friend.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog Ringtone now Available for iPhone Users

Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog ringtone by Michael Post and Roger Haak now available for iPhone users. A portion of the proceeds benefit the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation.

Order directly on your iPhone.

Kids love it!

Latest Skype Visit Testimonial

The fire safety dogs and I were very excited to receive this testimonial from Crestview Elementary in Ohio on a Skype visit that the fire safety dogs, Firefighter Jim and I had done in October . Thank you for the wonderful review!

"The second grade students at Crestview Elementary had the opportunity to do a Skype visit with author Dayna Hilton and Firefighter Jim. The students and teachers were so excited about the visit and were not disappointed. Firefighter Dayna was enthusiastic about her book and teaching the students about fire safety. The students loved listening to Firefighter Dayna read her story. They were especially excited to be able to listen to Firefighter Jim introduce and read Ms. Hilton's newest book Sparkles goes to Boston. The students learned many fire safety tips, sang songs and were able to ask questions. It was a very exciting time and one that the students or teachers of Crestview won't soon forget! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity Firefighter Dayna, Tango and Siren." Crestview Elementary

HERE to learn more about our Skype visits.