Monday, May 17, 2010

My New Keepsake Bracelet from Heritage Makers

While the fire safety dogs and I were on our Midwest fire safety tour, I was excited to get home to find a box with my new keepsake bracelet by Lisa Taron.

Lisa and I met over Facebook and she is one very special person! Lisa is one of the Founding Directors (Independent Consultant) of Heritage Makers, the Online Publishing and Digital Scrapbooking Company, I learned very early on that Lisa is very passionate about helping people celebrate the love for their pets with her products.

I have got to tell you~ I love my new bracelet of Sparkles! When Sparkles can not travel with me, I feel as though she is always there with me in spirit and the bracelet makes me smile and think of her and the many good times that we have shared when I look at it. The bracelet is so special to me, that I have already given my family instructions that I want it to be with me when pass on someday. That way, Sparkles will always be with me.

Thank you, Lisa! I just love my new bracelet!

1 comment:

Lisa Taron (The Pet Book Lady) said...

I am so delighted that you love your bracelet. I totally feel the same way when I wear mine. It's a honor to know you Dayna.