Sunday, February 15, 2009

Motherhood Later than Sooner Newsletter Reviews Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog

Robin Gorman Newman shared her review of Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog in her February Motherhood Later than Sooner newsletter. The newsletter is distributed to over 2,000 35+ year old moms.

"If you have a little firefighter-in-the-making, like my son Seth, no doubt he or she will adore Sparkles. And, you as a parent, will applaud the message of this book that is really a must-read for every child. There is also an entertaining CD available, which features Sparkles barking and story narration by Firefighters Dayna Hilton and Glenn Trembley. "

"Sparkles visits schools to help children learn about fire safety. Together, with real-life Firefighters Dayna and Michael, smoke alarms are explained, and instruction is given re: how/why to crawl low under smoke in case of a fire, why we should practice fire drills, etc. Sparkles watches Firefighter Michael put on his protective clothing, and thanks him by wagging her tail, for being a firefighter. Big, colorful photographs of Sparkles in action hold a child's interest, and tips are outlined in language easily-understandable for children. This is a powerful learning tool, yet it capably offers information in a fun manner. I know my son would love Sparkles and Firefighter Dayna to pay a visit to his school. " Robin Gorman Newman, Motherhood Later than Sooner Founder

Robin's son, Seth with his new book, Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog

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