Sunday, July 20, 2008

Thank You to the Phaneuf Family

Thank you to the Phaneuf Family for the use of Danvers Engine 4 for the cover of Sparkles Goes to Boston.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSparkles with Danvers Engine 4

According to Peter (PJ) Phaneuf, "Danvers Engine 4 served Danvers, MA from 1936 until the mid 1960's. It was the first motorized engine that the city owned and was built by Peter Pirsch. It is a 600 gpm pumper with 120 gallon water tank. Following its service in Danvers it was sold to the Town of Moose River, ME and was used as a brush truck. My family has owned the engine since late 80's."

PJ's father, Peter F. Phaneuf is the retired Southborough Fire Chief following 47 years of service. PJ is a firefighter/paramedic and holds the position of Training Coordinator with the Foxborough Fire Department. His brother, Adam E. Phaneuf, is a former call firefighter with the Southborough Fire Department.

PJ's three children are featured in the upcoming book.

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