Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Book Reviews

This just in! New book reviews on Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog.

“In a fun, simple and easily understandable format, Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog presents to children of all ages keen insights on fire safe behaviors certain to be remembered should the need arise. Such could mean all the difference in a safe and healthy life.”

Wayne Powell
Fire/Life Safety Specialist
Marriott International

“Instilling fire safety in young children is vitally important. Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog and Firefighters Dayna and Michael make learning these important safety messages fun, and easy to understand so that our children will be able to know what to do in the event of a fire. Congratulations on a wonderful book!”

Heather Schafer
Executive Director
National Volunteer Fire Council

"Both the book and the audio book are done well. This book is a great educational tool for the public education officers. Children and elderly are the most vulnerable age groups when it comes to fire. In this book, Sparkles has done great to educate our children. Now, Sparkles and her friend Spanner must find a way to do the same for the elderly. That should keep Dayna quite busy working on the next book!"

Azarang (Ozzie) Mirkhah, P.E., EFO, CBO
Fire Protection Engineer
Las Vegas Fire & Rescue

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