Sunday, May 4, 2008

Author Dayna Hilton's Updated Bio

With so many exciting things happening lately, it was time to update the bio. Each time I have read the bio over the past couple of years and watched it evolve, I realize how very thankful I am that I have so many friends that help promote from safety and have taken the time to support Sparkles and my fire safety efforts over the years.

I just wanted to take this moment and stop to thank the following people and organizations:

  • RFD #1 Firefighters
  • PBS KIDS Sprout
  • First Alert
  • Robotronics
  • The Home Safety Council
  • Janet Wilmoth
  • Arkansas Fire Prevention Commission
  • My good friends in the Northeast, especially Jim, Jack and Harry
  • Congressman John Boozman
  • and Pete Matthews
  • Robert, Michael, Randy, Margie and Glenn
  • Dalmatian Assistance League of Tulsa
  • Karla Wood and Harriett Sisson
  • Jenni Glenn
  • Chief John Mauro and the Southborough Firefighters
  • Kari Wood
  • National Fire Academy
  • Emily McGlaughlin
  • Steve Ziegler and the teachers at Clarksville Primary
  • Cindy Finkle
  • Nancy Trench
  • Chris Neal

Thank you to each of you and to the many other folks who help keep our communities safe.

To see the new bio, click HERE.

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