Monday, April 14, 2008

Chicago Fire Department Press Release


Sparkles Shows Local School Children How To Get Low and Go

Wednesday, April 16, 2008 10:00 a.m.

WHO: Sparkles, a fire safety savvy Dalmatian resplendent in her red service vest along with her two-legged friend and volunteer firefighter Dayna Hilton.
Chief Joseph Roccasalva, Chicago Fire Deparmtent Chief of Public Ed.
Dayna Hilton, firefighter and author
Debbie Hanson, Director of External Affairs, First Alert
Second Graders from Catherine Cook School

WHAT: Chicago is one of the kick-off cities for Sparkles and Dayna’s national book tour introducing Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog. They will sign books, pose for photos and teach children about fire safety. To help Dayna and Sparkles, First Alert, based in Aurora, IL, is donating 1,000 books to the Chicago Fire Department for distribution to area schools.

WHEN: 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WHERE: Chicago Fire Department Survive Alive House, 1010 S. Clinton, Chicago
In studio or desk-side interviews available per booking.

WHY: As children follow the adventures of Sparkles, they learn valuable fire safety tips enabling them and their families to keep safe. These tips include recognizing the firefighter as a helper and friend, knowing the sound and purpose of a smoke alarm, learning how to crawl low under smoke, and understanding the importance of practicing a home fire drill using an escape map.

VISUALS: Sparkles and Dayna will show:

· How Sparkles teaches children to get low and go in case of a fire
· How to crawl out and meet at a pre-determined area (in this case, a mailbox prop they will bring in) outside the home.
· The importance of smoke alarms, fresh batteries, etc.
· Their new book “Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog.”

OTHER: Sparkles and another Dalmatian associate, Spanner, are both rescued dogs who travel with Dayna to fire service conferences and other appearances around the country. They live in Arkansas with Dayna and her husband, visiting primary schools to help teach children fire safety. The dogs love children, love helping their fire department and love going to work.

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